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Wanderlust: Finding Pet-Friendly Motels Near You

Traveling with your furry best friend can be an amazing experience. But finding pet-friendly accommodations, especially motels, can sometimes feel ruff. Don’t fret! This guide will help you sniff out the perfect pet-welcoming motel for your next adventure.

1. Leverage the Power of Search Engines

Modern search engines make finding pet-friendly motels a breeze. Simply type “motel near me pet friendly” and hit enter. This will return a list of motels in your area that accommodate pets.

2. Explore Travel Websites

Many travel websites allow you to filter your search results by pet-friendliness. Popular options include [TripAdvisor], [Expedia], and []. These sites often have reviews from other pet owners, giving valuable insights into the motel’s pet policies and amenities.

3. Embrace the Local Charm

Independent motel websites often boast unique features and a welcoming atmosphere. Search for “[City Name] + motels” and explore the websites of local motels that catch your eye. Call them directly to inquire about their pet policies and offerings.

4. Understand Pet Policies

Not all pet-friendly motels are created equal. Carefully review the pet policy on the motel’s website or by calling them. This will inform you of breed restrictions, weight limits, pet fees, and any other relevant information.

5. Pack Smart for Your Pet

Just like you, your pet needs essentials on the road. Pack their food, water bowl, leash, favorite toys, and a comfortable bed. Don’t forget waste disposal bags and any medications they may require.

6. Familiarize Yourself with the Area

Research nearby dog parks, walking trails, or pet-friendly restaurants before your trip. This will ensure your furry friend has opportunities for exercise and playtime during your stay.

7. Etiquette is Key

Respectful pet ownership is essential at pet-friendly motels. Keep your pet leashed in common areas, clean up after them promptly, and be mindful of noise levels.


Hitting the road with your furry friend doesn’t have to be a hassle. By utilizing these tips and keeping your pet’s needs in mind, you can find the perfect pet-friendly motel and embark on a memorable adventure together. So, pack your bags (and your pet’s!), and get ready to explore new places with your furry copilot by your side!


  • What pet vaccinations are typically required by pet-friendly motels?

Most motels require proof of up-to-date rabies vaccination. Some may also request documentation for other vaccinations.

  • Are there pet fees associated with staying at a pet-friendly motel?

Many motels do charge a pet fee, often per night or per stay. The fee can vary depending on the motel and the size of your pet.

  • What amenities might a pet-friendly motel offer?

Some pet-friendly motels offer amenities like pet waste stations, dog walking areas, or welcome treats for your furry companion.

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