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Peter Halsey Cook: Architect, Real Estate Expert, and Christie Brinkley’s Ex-Husband

Peter Halsey Cook is a name that pops up in the worlds of architecture, real estate, and even celebrity gossip. But who exactly is this multi-faceted individual? Let’s delve into his background, career highlights, and personal life.

From Architect to Real Estate Mogul

Peter Cook’s professional journey began in the realm of architecture. With a keen eye for design and a deep understanding of construction, he established a prestigious architecture firm. His expertise focused on crafting beautiful and functional homes, particularly in the shingle style popular in the Hamptons.

Hamptons History Runs Deep

Interestingly, Peter Cook isn’t just an architect who designs Hamptons homes; he’s part of the area’s rich history. He’s a direct descendant of three of the oldest families in the Hamptons: the Cooks, the Ludlows, and the Halseys, all of whom settled in the region centuries ago.

Transitioning to Real Estate

Peter Cook leveraged his architectural knowledge and deep understanding of the Hamptons market to smoothly transition into the world of real estate. He currently works as a real estate agent at Saunders & Associates, bringing his expertise to help clients navigate the ever-changing Hamptons market.

Family Life and Christie Brinkley

Peter Cook’s most publicized relationship was his marriage to supermodel Christie Brinkley. They tied the knot in 1996 and had a daughter, Sailor Brinkley-Cook, together. The couple also co-parented Christie’s son from a previous relationship. Their seemingly idyllic union ended in divorce in 2008.

The Headlines

Despite the media attention surrounding his marriage to Christie Brinkley, Peter Cook is a successful professional in his own right. His dedication to architecture and real estate has earned him a distinguished reputation within the Hamptons community.


Peter Halsey Cook’s story extends beyond his association with a celebrity. He’s a talented architect, a savvy real estate professional, and a descendant of a prominent Hamptons family. His career achievements and personal journey make him a fascinating figure in his own right.


  • What is Peter Cook known for?

Peter Cook is known for his work as an architect, real estate agent, and his marriage to Christie Brinkley.

  • What is Peter Cook’s architectural style?

Peter Cook specializes in the shingle style, a prominent architectural style in the Hamptons.

  • Where does Peter Cook work in real estate?

Peter Cook is currently a real estate agent at Saunders & Associates in the Hamptons.

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