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Peter Halsey Cook: Architect, Christie Brinkley’s Ex-Husband, and More

Peter Halsey Cook is a name that pops up in connection with both architecture and celebrity gossip. But who exactly is Peter Cook? This post dives into his life and career, exploring his accomplishments as an architect, his marriage to Christie Brinkley, and some lesser-known facts.

Early Life and Architectural Career

Born in New Jersey in 1959, Peter Cook’s interest in architecture stemmed from his childhood surrounded by the shingle-style buildings prominent in the area. This passion led him to pursue a career in architecture, and he established a prestigious firm in Water Mill, New York.

Marriage to Christie Brinkley

In 1996, Peter Cook’s life took a turn when he married Christie Brinkley, the iconic supermodel and actress. Interestingly, Cook had once modeled with Brinkley in the late 1970s, though their paths wouldn’t seriously cross until years later. Their union resulted in the birth of their daughter, Sailor Brinkley Cook, in 1998.

A High-Profile Divorce

Despite their seemingly happy family life, Cook and Brinkley divorced in 2008. The high-profile split received significant media attention, with reports citing various reasons for the separation.

Life After Brinkley

Following the divorce, Peter Cook has maintained a relatively private life. He continues to focus on his architectural practice, while also reportedly being involved in real estate.

Architecture: Fun Facts About Peter Cook

Family Lineage: Peter Cook is a descendant of families with deep roots in the Hamptons, including the Cooks, Halseys, and Ludlows, with a history stretching back over 350 years.

Architectural Inspiration: The shingle-style architecture prevalent in his New Jersey upbringing significantly influenced Cook’s design sensibilities.


Peter Halsey Cook’s life story extends beyond his marriage to Christie Brinkley. He is a well-established architect with a thriving practice and a rich family history. While his personal life garnered media attention, his professional achievements deserve recognition as well.


  • Is Peter Cook still married to Christie Brinkley?

No, Peter Cook and Christie Brinkley divorced in 2008.

  • What does Peter Cook do for a living?

Peter Cook is a successful architect with his own firm.

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