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Pistol Pete’s: Your One-Stop Spot for Fun, Food, and Entertainment

Pistol Pete’s might conjure up images of the legendary basketball player “Pistol” Pete Maravich, but there’s a good chance the Pistol Pete’s near you is a place to unwind, grab a bite, and enjoy some good old-fashioned entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a lively bar scene, a casual family outing, or a place to catch the game with friends, Pistol Pete’s could be your new hangout spot.

1. Finding a Pistol Pete’s Near You

The name “Pistol Pete’s” can be used by various establishments across the country. There’s Pistol Pete’s Tavern, Pistol Pete’s Neighborhood Grill, and even an online store called Get Pistol Pete’s that sells rustic décor. To find the Pistol Pete’s closest to you, a quick Google search with your location should do the trick!

2. Is Pistol Pete’s a Bar or a Restaurant?

This depends on the specific Pistol Pete’s you visit. Some Pistol Pete’s locations lean more towards a bar atmosphere, with adult beverages being a main focus, while others cater more towards a restaurant setting with a full menu and family-friendly vibes.

3. What Kind of Food Does Pistol Pete’s Serve?

Again, this depends on the location, but many Pistol Pete’s establishments offer classic American pub fare. Burgers, wings, sandwiches, and appetizers are a common find. Some Pistol Pete’s locations might also offer a wider menu with items like pasta, salads, or even steaks.

4. Does Pistol Pete’s Have Entertainment Options?

This is a big selling point for many Pistol Pete’s locations. Pool tables, dartboards, video games, and even live music nights are some of the entertainment options you might find. Be sure to check with your local Pistol Pete’s to see what kind of fun they offer!

5. Does Pistol Pete’s Have Specials and Promotions?

Many Pistol Pete’s locations offer happy hour deals, free pool nights, or other promotions. Check their website or social media pages for the latest deals.

6. Is Pistol Pete’s Family-Friendly?

This depends on the location and the time of day. Some Pistol Pete’s locations are more bar-oriented and might not be ideal for young children in the evenings. However, others have a casual, family-friendly atmosphere throughout the day.

7. Can I Host a Private Event at Pistol Pete’s?

Some Pistol Pete’s locations offer space for private events. Contact your local Pistol Pete’s to see if they can accommodate your party or gathering.

8. What is the Payment Information for Pistol Pete’s?

Most Pistol Pete’s locations will accept major credit cards and debit cards. It’s always a good idea to call ahead to confirm if they accept cash.


Whether you’re searching for a lively hangout, a casual dining experience, or a place to catch up with friends over some drinks and games, Pistol Pete’s might just be the perfect spot. With various locations offering different atmospheres and menus, there’s a good chance you’ll find a Pistol Pete’s that suits your needs. So, grab some friends, check out your local Pistol Pete’s, and get ready for some fun!


  • Is there a dress code at Pistol Pete’s?

Generally, Pistol Pete’s has a casual dress code.

  • Does Pistol Pete’s have outdoor seating?

This depends on the location.

  • Can I order takeout from Pistol Pete’s?

Some Pistol Pete’s locations offer takeout. Contact your local establishment to inquire.

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