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Conquering Laundry Day with Persil Discs: Deep Clean for a Radiant Shine

Laundry day doesn’t have to be a chore. With Persil Discs, you can achieve a stralend schone was brilliantly clean wash with ease. These innovative power bars offer a powerful deep clean, leaving your clothes looking stralend schoon (radiantly clean) and smelling fresh.

The Power of Persil Discs

Persil Discs are a revolutionary laundry detergent format. These pre-measured discs contain a concentrated dose of Persil’s cleaning power, eliminating the need for messy measuring. Simply toss a disc into your washing machine with your laundry, and the disc dissolves completely, releasing a powerful cleaning formula.

Benefits of Persil Discs

Convenience: No more scooping or measuring detergent. Persil Discs offer a mess-free and convenient laundry experience.

Precise Dosing: Each disc contains the perfect amount of detergent for a standard load of laundry, ensuring optimal cleaning performance.

Targeted Stain Removal: Persil Discs target even tough stains, leaving your clothes looking de vuile was van (free of dirt and grime).

Long-Lasting Freshness: Persil Discs infuse your clothes with a long-lasting fragrance that keeps them smelling fresh for days.

Suitable for All Fabrics: Persil Discs are gentle on all fabrics, making them suitable for your entire wardrobe.

Unlocking a Radiant Clean

Persil Discs deliver a deep clean, penetrating deep into the fibers of your clothes to remove dirt, stains, and odors. This ensures your clothes are not only clean on the surface but hygienically clean as well.

Sustainable Laundry Solutions

Persil is committed to sustainability. The dissolvable format of Persil Discs minimizes packaging waste, making them an eco-friendly laundry solution.


Persil Discs offer a powerful and convenient way to achieve a stralend schone was (brilliantly clean wash). With their precise dosing, targeted stain removal, and long-lasting freshness, Persil Discs make laundry day a breeze. So, ditch the mess and embrace the power of Persil Discs for a radiant clean every time.


  • Q: Are Persil Discs safe for all washing machines?

A: Yes, Persil Discs are formulated for use in all washing machines, including high-efficiency (HE) washers.

  • Q: How many loads of laundry does one Persil Disc handle?

A: One Persil Disc is typically good for a standard load of laundry. Always refer to the package instructions for specific details.

  • Q: Are Persil Discs safe for children and pets?

A: Keep Persil Discs, like all laundry detergents, out of reach of children and pets. The discs can be harmful if swallowed.

  • Q: What scents are Persil Discs available in?

A: Persil Discs come in a variety of scents, including Original, Intense Fresh, and Oxi.

  • Q: Where can I buy Persil Discs?

A: Persil Discs are widely available at major grocery stores and online retailers.

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