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Bringing the chills: A look at the cast of Pet Sematary 1989

Stephen King’s chilling novel, Pet Sematary, received its first film adaptation in 1989. Directed by Mary Lambert, the film brought to life the Creed family’s tragic encounter with a supernatural burial ground. Let’s delve into the performances that sent shivers down audiences’ spines:

1. Dale Midkiff as Louis Creed:

Midkiff portrays Dr. Louis Creed, a newcomer to a small town who grapples with the devastating loss of his young daughter. His portrayal perfectly captures the character’s initial skepticism, desperation, and eventual descent into a terrifying obsession.

2. Denise Crosby as Rachel Creed:

As Louis’ wife Rachel, Crosby delivers a performance that embodies grief and determination. She showcases Rachel’s initial resistance to Louis’ plan to bury their daughter in the mysterious pet cemetery and her growing fear as the consequences unfold.

3. Fred Gwynne as Jud Crandall:

The iconic Fred Gwynne takes on the role of Jud Crandall, the Creeds’ wise but unsettling neighbor. Gwynne’s portrayal is both folksy and ominous, leaving viewers to question Jud’s true motives and knowledge of the burial ground’s dark secrets.

4. Miko Hughes & Blaze Berdahl as Gage & Ellie Creed:

Miko Hughes delivers a haunting performance as Gage Creed, Louis and Rachel’s young daughter. His transformation from an innocent child to a terrifying entity is a major highlight of the film. Blaze Berdahl, as Ellie, the Creeds’ older daughter, adds a layer of vulnerability and innocence to the narrative.

5. Supporting Cast:

The film is further bolstered by a strong supporting cast. Michael Lombard portrays Rachel’s skeptical doctor friend, Irwin Goldman, while Susan Blommaert delivers a memorable performance as Missy Dandridge, a neighbor who tragically loses her pet.


The cast of Pet Sematary (1989) plays a pivotal role in bringing the film’s chilling atmosphere and heart-wrenching story to life. Each actor delivers a memorable performance, solidifying the film’s place as a classic of the horror genre. So, the next time you revisit this terrifying tale, take a moment to appreciate the talented individuals who brought its characters to life.


  • Q: Are there any differences between the cast of the 1989 film and the 2019 remake?

A: Yes, the 2019 remake featured a new cast. Jason Clarke and Amy Seimetz took on the roles of Louis and Rachel Creed, while John Lithgow portrayed Jud Crandall.

  • Q: Is the 1989 version considered better than the remake?

A: This is a matter of opinion. While both films have their fans, the 1989 version often receives praise for its performances and atmosphere.

  • Q: Where can I watch Pet Sematary (1989)?

A: Availability can change, but the film is often available for streaming or rental on various platforms. Always check reputable sources to find out where you can watch it legally.

  • Q: Is the film appropriate for all audiences?

A: No, Pet Sematary (1989) is a horror film and contains violence, disturbing imagery, and mature themes. It is not recommended for young viewers.

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