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Peter Hitchens: A Vocal Critic with a Unique Perspective

Peter Hitchens is a name that sparks debate in British politics and social commentary. A prolific writer, broadcaster, and journalist, Hitchens has carved a niche for himself with his outspoken views and unwavering principles.

From Leftist to Conservative: A Political Journey

Hitchens’ political journey has been a fascinating one. He began his career as a socialist, even a Trotskyist before disillusionment with the left led him to embrace conservatism in the 1990s. However, he remains a maverick within the conservative movement, often criticizing both major parties in Britain.

Championing Traditional Values

Hitchens is a fierce defender of traditional values. He advocates for strong national identity, limited immigration, and a return to social conservatism. He is also a vocal critic of identity politics and political correctness.

Foreign Policy Critic: Questioning Interventions

Hitchens is known for his skepticism of foreign interventions. He has been critical of the Iraq War, the War on Terror, and other military actions by Western powers. He argues that these interventions often create more problems than they solve.

A Lifelong Eurosceptic

Hitchens has long been a vocal opponent of the European Union. He believes that the EU undermines British sovereignty and promotes a centralized, bureaucratic power structure. His opposition to the EU was a major factor in his decision to leave the Conservative Party.

Prolific Writer and Broadcaster

Hitchens is a prolific writer, with numerous books to his name, including bestsellers like “The Abolition of Britain” and “The Rage Against God.” He is also a regular contributor to newspapers and online publications. Additionally, he is a frequent guest on radio and television programs, engaging in lively debates on current affairs.


Peter Hitchens is a polarizing figure. His strong opinions and willingness to challenge the status quo make him a target for both praise and criticism. Yet, there’s no denying his influence on British discourse. By sparking debate and offering a different perspective, Hitchens ensures that important issues remain at the forefront of public conversation.


What are some of Peter Hitchens’ most famous books?

  • “The Abolition of Britain” (2000)
  • “The Rage Against God” (2007)
  • “Arguably” (2011)
  • “War is a Lie” (2010)

Where can I find Peter Hitchens’ writing?

Peter Hitchens writes regularly for several publications, including The Daily Mail and The Spectator. You can also find his articles on his website

What are some criticisms of Peter Hitchens?

  • Some critics find his views too simplistic or lacking nuance.
  • Others accuse him of being overly pessimistic or reactionary.
  • His outspoken nature can alienate those with opposing viewpoints.

How does Peter Hitchens differ from his brother, Christopher Hitchens?

While both brothers were known for their sharp intellects and willingness to challenge orthodoxy, they had significant ideological differences. Peter leans towards social conservatism and skepticism of foreign interventions, while Christopher was a self-described socialist and proponent of military action against authoritarian regimes.

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